Author Sue Thomas, a Haitian American shares words of wisdom to inspire all! She gracefully shares poignant parts of her journey of evolution and forgiveness of self as well as others!

September 17, 2022

Against The Odds

Today, my brother, Samuel Murry, a debut author in Soaring Above Life's Chaos expresses his genuine gratitude for life itself as he inspires others with his message of positivity and triumph. He shares multiple lessons he has learned throughout his life based on the choices he made. Samuel declares he now realizes God was and is with him every step of the way, in hard times and even times when he chose the less desirable path!

September 3, 2022

Breaking the Silence

Perry Power is a dynamic speaker and author who transparently shares about breaking his silence.  The silence of what you ask, the silence of multi-generational interfamilial abuse. Perry held on to his secret of sexual abuse, for over 12 years! He has fought demons that many of us can only imagine and now has 2 charities to help others in similar situations! 

Imagine looking out your window at 4 years old and seeing a murder. How would this change your life would you be fearful or paranoid? Perhaps anxious or misunderstood? Join us today as Dr. Fanike shares how she removed the negative remnants of numerous childhood traumas. She now confidently walks in her purpose carefree and shining bright!

Podcast host of Dead America, Ed Watters shares his story of overcoming an accident that left him disabled. Ed shares how he built his confidence walking in faith and now serves others empowering them with his message to never give up!

Rob Lohman, best-selling author, and interventionist shares how he equips others with the tools needed to overcome addiction. Rob is the perfect blend of experience and education which empowers him to help free others from all addictive behaviors, from overeating to gambling and all things in between! Rob not only works with the addict but their families to cut the cord from the past and sail into their purpose-filled future! 

Genevieve shares how she not only stopped climbing but took a leap off the corporate ladder to fulfill her purpose. She tells how she endured feeling ashamed and overcame condemnation as she continued to passionately chase her purpose of serving underprivileged children all over the United States! She teaches how we all can find and pursue our purpose!

Join us as Derron, inspirational speaker, storytelling coach, and author passionately shares strategies he utilized to transform his mindset. This life-changing transformation helped him overcome depression, suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, and more. He now uses his superpower of transparency, inspiring others!

Juan Carlos is just not your average comedian! He utilizes comedy to educate others on his Latino culture. Juan Carlos shares candidly about the corruption process of Dominicans being exploited for the possibility of playing baseball in America. He also speaks on mental illness, colorism, and more. 

Dr. Juliette Nelson is an Afro-Caribbean, millennial, who passionately shares through her lens and openly tells of her personal experience with overcoming the loss of loved ones and battling mental fatigue. As she embraces her culture and explores her purpose, she realizes life is not at all a linear experience but has great depth and many dimensions!

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