Juan Carlos is just not your average comedian! He utilizes comedy to educate others on his Latino culture. Juan Carlos shares candidly about the corruption process of Dominicans being exploited for the possibility of playing baseball in America. He also speaks on mental illness, colorism, and more. 

Dr. Juliette Nelson is an Afro-Caribbean, millennial, who passionately shares through her lens and openly tells of her personal experience with overcoming the loss of loved ones and battling mental fatigue. As she embraces her culture and explores her purpose, she realizes life is not at all a linear experience but has great depth and many dimensions!

Ed Norwood tells his truths of how he escaped the Jonestown tragedy and explains how family history is important. He shares how we can transform generations scarred by fear and shame by confronting and healing our past and present traumas, so they are not transmitted to the next generation! Ed teaches how to kill giants that have plagued many of us for generations. The giant of fear, addiction, procrastination, and more are discussed in detail in his award-winning book, "Be A Giant Killer". 

May 14, 2022

Writers Changing Lives

Today, The Author Queen opens up and candidly shares her continuous journey of healing. Listen in as she talks about her past experiences including suicidal ideation. She is now in a season of growth and executing visions of future endeavors! 

Listen as Larry Penton "LP" shares his story of humble beginnings and servanthood. He now illuminates the world as a CEO, who brings awareness to missing persons, domestic violence, sexual offenses, human trafficking, and more!

February 19, 2022

A King Among Us

Tukken Tuddeal, heir to the kingdom of a village in southern Sudan, shares with us his journey growing up in Germany and how he has overcome bulling and other challenges faced because of his prosthetic leg. Tukken  now embraces who he truly is and empower others to do the same!


February 12, 2022

From Pain to Power!

Listen in today as Morris the Connector shares how he transitioned from pain to power. Today Morris candidly shares how he overcame grief of death, & loss of close family. Morris teaches us how to be an effective leader even when things are not perfect in your own world.

February 5, 2022

I am a Champion!

Listen as Mary Kim tells of her unimaginable plight. Mary Kim is a mother of a son with down syndrome, an entrepreneur, and the middle champion who survived domestic violence in her childhood where her beloved mother was murdered!

Listen as Sue Thomas transparently tells of her life growing up in Brooklyn NY, falling in and growing out of love. The reality of single parenting & a marriage plagued with infidelity gave her resilience to face life's challenges. Sue now inspires us as we journey through the path of life to hold our head high, practice self-love, and persevere 

Kellan sincerely shares his battle with abuse, depression & addiction. How unexpectedly one day he was stopped from self-sabotaging behaviors by a divine intervention followed by a near death experience that revealed his purpose is to help others discover, develop, and manifest their divine gifts! 

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