Lynn-dee van Rensburg aka Lynn-Dee Wild at Heart, a sex coach shares how sex is a sacred energy exchange which can be utilized to begin the ongoing self-love and self- healing processes.

Coach Russell Mano, a family man of faith, business coach and podcast host, candidly shares how the lessons learned from overcoming an abusive relationship has helped him to strengthen his relationship with God, his family and himself!

October 9, 2021

Speak your Truths!

Lattifa Bryant, author and She- E- O of  Build Your Own Book, shares about her writing experiences and inspiration. She encourages others to speak their truth through writing, leaving a legacy that will be enjoyed long after or lifetime.

Salvador March shares his experience growing up in Catholicism where he experienced  some physical abuse as a child. He tells of his journey and how he did not feel that he was "not good enough."   Eventually, Sal begins to realize that forgiveness is key  and now he helps others to heal as well.

Solomon Appiah, an apostle by calling, shares how his life was transformed from boarding school woes and contemplating suicide to falling in love with Christ and enjoying the abundance that life offers!

October 2, 2021

Quitting Is Not An Option!

Regina Whylly, from the Bahamas transparently shares the struggles that she endured on her journey becoming the founder of The Whole Woman Network! Regina has dedicated her life to helping improve the lives of women. She inspires women spiritually, mentally, and physically to become whole!

Join us as Sharon Tuck takes us on a journey telling how she awakened in her 30s and rid her life of all toxicity! She now lives to live and illuminates the world through serving others as a teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, mother and aspiring author!

Anthony was born with and had a rare genetic condition known as HED or hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, Join us as he tells how he survives without sweat glands. Anthony shares his life challenges as well as achievements!

Elizabeth Kipp, a chronic pain specialist & addiction recovery coach shares her journey of overcoming addiction to prescription opioid and benzodiazepine drugs after numerous years of battling with chronic pain. She now lives a life free of pain and coaches others to conquer their pain and addiction!

Rachel D. Greenwell owner of IamRockL tells of her personal journeys in life and how she overcame obstacles and continues to overcome them. She is confident that realizing that you are worthy, royalty and full of so much potential is the beginning of healing and self love. Rachael’s uplifting story inspires us all to wear our crowns!

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