Journey with Davidia Michele as she vividly takes us on her path on and into life's vortex of demands, victories, difficulties and more! While clutching to her values Davidia found courage & strength to care for her special needs daughter, but also, she encourages and uplifts all who encounter her!

Join us as we start the new year with the story of resilience, hope, and tenacity. Dr. Kevin Payne shares his story of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and how he manages it utilizing behavioral science! His inspiring message gives hope to us all showing truly life is marvelously adaptive in spite of situations, circumstances or even medical conditions! 

Chalisse openly reminisces of the morning she received a call that forever changed her life! She was catapulted into becoming the primary caregiver for not one, but two of her family members. She found that she was becoming tethered in many areas and began to see not only the benefits, but the necessity of self-care. Chalisse now practices self-care and motivates others to indulge in this much needed practice!

Candace passionately shares uncomfortable situations she faced growing up in a tri-cultured home. Candace began to question various ideologies as she struggled to identify who she really was while simultaneously fighting with labels & limitations placed on her. She boldly voyaged seeking answers, self-identity, and personal healing after determining she had hit her bottom. On this journey Candace discovered revolutionary breakthroughs, self-liberation and self- love. Currently, she makes a positive impact in the lives of others by giving them the keys of truth to unlock their chains and empowering them to embrace their true identity and live a life of true fulfillment!

Monica Stephens, an educator with People's Choice CPR through the American Heart Association, tells her why and the necessity of knowing how to save a life. CPR is one of those things that everyone should know how to do in case of an emergency. Monica’s classes not only teach you how to perform these life-saving skills, but also gives you the opportunity to save the lives of your loved ones!

Michelle Knight speaks transparently about her healing journey from past traumas of childhood rape and molestation. She explains how the effects of child sexual abuse is many times not only long-lasting but affects the victim's mental health and may even lead to domestic violence and more!  Michelle educates on recognizing the signs often related to youth struggling with sexual assault. She encourages parents to have open conversations with their children about taboo topic of sex and assault.

Shawn Jackson A.K.A The Refresher humbly opens up and shares how he has released childhood traumas and misfortunes to embrace a growth mindset. The Refresher, a successful business owner, continues to fight through challenges of life as they arise and empowers his pride to evolve as well!

November 7, 2021

Persistence and Perseverance

Ruby Garner, despite life's hardships, candidly shares her truths and how persistence and perseverance has tremendous rewards!

October 30, 2021

Balancing Life Successfully

Leah Stine, an author, entrepreneur and mother of three who homeschools her children shares how she balances work and life. Listen as she shares how to utilize small blocks of time to complete larger tasks. Leah explains that prioritizing is a key skill to aid in balancing life.

October 30, 2021

You Too Are A Star

Listen as Amelia introduces herself and shares her heart and why she illuminates the world!

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