Comedian Phillip Parker shares how he deals with life’s trivial times through making others laugh. Join in as he shares his life coaching style and how he encourages others to look at life through a clearer and more focused lens.

Join in as Nathaniel shares how he takes the worst moments in life, uses them as fuel to live an impactful life where he contributes to others. He utilizes perseverance and endurance to exceed expectations, breaking records to raise funds for charities such as the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation! Nathaniel encourages us to self evaluate, assuring that we are spending our time investing in others, leaving a valuable legacy for generations to come!

Join in as Aphiel, documentary filmmaker and founder of Forefront Radio, educates on black heritage before slavery and even back to biblical times. He has traced historic ties back to the "lost" tribes of Israel! Aphiel reveals how our past relates to our future and how unity is essential.

Listen as P.J. Agness, founder of Archangel Protective Intelligence ,a self-defense and protective intelligence specialist shares the benefits of self-defense. Truly it is so much more than just defending yourself. PJ explains the importance of  Memento Mori in his personal life! 

Join Euwarnii Hughes, CEO, author and  graphic designer as he shares his motivation to inspire & empower our next generation of young kings and queens to seize greatness through excellence! Euwarnii created and self-published an Afrofuturism Manga celebrating African culture. He shares his story, culture  and more in BOLDSAGA: BRAVE ONWARDS LIMIT DESTROYER.

Christine Titih  from Cameroon, in Central Africa shares her story of how she discovered her purpose. Christine enlightens us on importance of self evaluation, executing fear, and  growing with flexibility as you pursue your purpose and journey towards your destiny!

Join us as licensed mental health counselor & community activist Tracey Hickmon, conveys how to build healthy relationships and be the change you want to see in your community. She reminds us, change starts by providing a safe environment within the home, setting health boundaries and implementing self love!

Join us as Shemique Blair an educator, poet, narrator and  published author shares about Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth.  Shemique was born on the sunny, beautiful island of Jamaica and current resides in Canada.  Although Shemique is an educator by profession, she strives to make a difference in each life she encounters. She is an avid reader who still believes in true love and romance. Her poetry book, Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology is an uplifting and inspiring must have!

Dr. Antoine Thurston shares how with prayer and perseverance he has become free from life's bondages and found liberating freedom! He now mentors others helping them find and enjoy existence freely!

Author Justjae Warner has become a successful multi-genre author, a publisher, and an internationally experienced writing coach to many first-time authors in just five years. She is experienced in multiple genres including Erotica, Suspense, Romance, Street Lit, Poetry, Christian Fiction, Sci-Fi, Biographical, Self-help, Textbooks and manuals, Inspirational/motivational, and Holistic Health. She had been nominated three consecutive years for Atlanta’s Hottest Author! She has help other first time authors write and publish over 90 books. Some of them have even won awards!

When Justjae is not writing, she’s been a radio personality for Streets on Lock on Nuradio and on The Underground Hit List on Auma Radio. Tune in to hear how  you too can live life on your own terms!

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